The Road to NAHBS
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Stacey, Otto, Delilah & I made our way through a brutal onslaught of deranged drivers and a several mile long bumper to bumper bummer to get to the North American Bicycle Show. This is my second NAHBS and I am STOKED!

The ride was essentially smooth because our little guy, Otto, was either smiling or sleeping throughout the trip and save the several psychotic drivers and the traffic jam that surely delayed many other southern NAHBS attendees, the drive was uneventful.

For continued NAHBS coverage, that is if you are reading this and not in RVA, I suggest you do the following:

Come To Richmond!

I will be posting photos and write ups and the events go down here in the River City! I look forward to seeing lots of new bikes and old friends.


  • Scott

    I find it strange that they have a road sign up for an accident – very strange! I think i’ve sat about there on 85… long and boring.

  • silentpr

    Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn’t express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach

  • Jon

    @silentpr the opinion piece is forthcoming. Way overdue I know : )

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